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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin kenya's leading opposition figure to the dangers of long inauguration in the nation's capital thousands of supporters turn out to witness this direct challenge to the current government will his symbolic protest spark more deadly unrest after the country's disputed election we'll go live to nairobi also coming up germany sees a breakthrough in marathon talks on forming a new government negotiators hammer out a deal on a key sticking point allowing refugees to bring family members to the country.
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ireland's a prime minister leads the charge to liberalize the country's were stripped of abortion laws ahead of a referendum planned for me why are lawmakers pushing now for a vote on this decisive divisive issue. i'm simply someone's gonna good to have you with us kenya's opposition leader raul odinga has taken a symbolic presidential oath of office in a mock ceremony in nairobi thousands of ecstatic supporters were on hand at the swearing in a van which kenya's attorney general has called an act of treason odinga had boycotted a rerun of the country's presidential vote last october calling it a sham to ask people assemble the government cuts transmission of t.v. channels reporting on the event but despite previous threats to stop the gathering police remained at a distance. let's bring in catherine on one though she's covering the story for us
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in nairobi hi catherine good to see you so a mock inauguration right in the capital tens of thousands of people on hand it sounds incredibly dramatic that tell us more about what how will the people of or the supporters of this saying that they're willing to work with the previous government which they they say is what is now the ruling party but then now they feel represented that the reactions around the country seem to be divided there are people who are saying that you know this could have been avoided if you could have just stepped back and probably hopeful more dialogue rather than challenge the government try to and how can we mention that the government did shut down major t.v. and radio stations to stop coverage of this mock inauguration tell us more about how the government has responded well it's interesting that
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there is a feeling that now the media is being controlled but then there are those experts who say that the government was trying to downplay this event as much as possible and that's why you saw police restraining themselves and not really provoking crowds and that's why we haven't seen any deaths we have been seeing deaths in probably every single protest ever since august eighth but today it seemed quite peaceful compared to previous ones we have seen at least in the in the last couple of months we have seen at least the death of ten children so the fact that police restrain themselves and the fact that the government controlled the media it seems like they were trying to downplay this event as much as possible but the fact that they did gag the media makes is comparable to uganda makes is comparable to ethiopia where the government does control what the public consumes in terms of information why was this so important for rye loading to and his supporters.
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well because they feel that he is the rightful president they feel according to then numbers we had last week the group releasing numbers that say that raila actually got eight million votes and president who can also got seven million votes during the august eighth election they said they had access to this and write a one by about a million votes so that the people of nassau the supporters of nasa they feel that raul is the rightful president this however makes life difficult because in the eyes of someone who looks at the situation we have two presidents we have a people's president and we have an officially elected president so it's going to be very difficult to move forward because now the country it's going to move in to office at directions at this point. correspondent catherine on one though covering the story for us in nairobi thank you catherine. now to some other
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stories making news around the world catalonia as parliament has postponed a vote to formally reelect the separatist leader carlos pushed him or as the region's president the speaker said the vote would be postponed until they had legal guarantees for bustamante immunity he faces arrest if you were turns to spain as and is currently in self-imposed exile in brussels russian billionaire roman abramovich has been named on the u.s. treasury list targeting russian elite so i will for sanctions like igor at sichem that's the c.e.o. of the state owned oil company rosneft is also on the list it names two hundred other tycoons close to the kremlin as many as one hundred fifty stranded skiers have been rescued from a broken down chair lift in austria armed forces helicopter vacationers to safety from the crush for mountain and central austria there were no reports of any injuries. romania has sworn in its first woman prime minister amid
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a wave of anti-corruption protests the orica down she becomes the third head of government within a year the european union next criticized new legislation which opponents claim will make it harder to prosecute high level corruption here in germany the countries the two main political groups have made a major breakthrough on the path to forming a new government chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and the center left the social democrats have reached an agreement on refugee family reunion that has been a sticking point between the parties during their negotiations the debate on family reunions was reopened following the launch of formal coalition talks. person hasn't seen his wife since he arrived in berlin two and a half years ago he came to germany with three of his brothers. cousins wife alone in lebanon has requested entry to germany on the grounds of family reunification. she hasn't yet received a response. i hope my wife can come here ha son
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says. he knows that he's among many refugees hoping to reunite with their families . but he and his brothers have little chance of bringing their relatives here the german government expects refugees like him to return home at some point if they're not in danger of persecution the u.n. disagrees with this policy. the need for protection is the same you cannot predict an armed conflict is significantly shorter than the need for protection based on individual persecution for example because someone is a political opponent mention probably people need to be with their families we have to see the situation from a humanitarian perspective it's not right that people should be separated from their spouses and children for years at a time and this is a question of humanity and for no money teat cussen isn't sure why it's difficult
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to refugee families to be reunited here imagine he says if germans were in his situation all alone in a new country without family in any case he's adamant that returning to syria is not an option there's nothing left for him to do but wait for the decision from the authorities and keep in touch with his wife every day online. ireland will hold a referendum on reforming the country's near total ban on abortion the country currently has some of the world's strictest abortion laws prime minister leo of art carr says he will be campaigning to change the legislation and irish parliamentary committee recently recommended allowing abortion up to twelve weeks into a pregnancy poll suggests a majority of voters are in favor of reform. and jennifer collins has been following the story for us she joins us here in studio hi john thanks for joining us this is a very divisive issue why is this push for a referendum come about now well there's always been a pushback against a degree of pushback against arlen's aspect abortion laws play with say the latest
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groundswell really can be traced back to death of their. twenty twelve she was an indian doctor living in arland presented a hospital with a septic miscarriage and requested an abortion quite early on in the process and was initially not given one and was told because arlen with catholic country and subsequently died from complications that caused a huge outcry in our land. and since then the anti-abortion pro-choice campaign has really stepped up there have been huge protests in the last couple of years on the streets and online putting pressure on the government to at this stage there's been a groundswell now following that case we said that ireland has some of the strictest abortion laws tell us what they are and basically women cannot access abortion in orland at all unless there is the risk of suicide or. direct risk to the life of the mother because according to our lands laws the life of the own born
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child is equal to the life of the mothers that is for text the child when the when the child and this has been legislated for by the government by their equipment the past two years because it's actually been very difficult for doctors and hospitals to put into place they feel their hands are tied so so looking ahead that this referendum the polls show that a majority are actually in favor so it doesn't mean that it's a foregone conclusion or could it still be rejected and it's still early days at this point and there is going to be a very tough and divisive campaign ahead at the moment there's fifty six percent in favor but nineteen percent are still on divided on there's a big generational divide and also big ruin herbals of a rural urban divide. and so it's not a foregone conclusion pause at the moment it looks good for the pro-choice side and just briefly if you can does this also show that attitudes are becoming more liberal in our lives and i think so we've seen in the past couple of years as past
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i would say twenty years and orland more and more steps away from the catholic church for instance we had that divorce our friend in the ninety's legalization of homosexuality and a couple of years ago the equal marriage referendum and i think this is the latest attempt to shake off the shackles of to catholic church or do the views of jennifer collins or covering the story for us ireland to hold a referendum on the near total ban on abortion thank you very much for coming to studio. in boxing genet the goal of can and sell kind of a lot of it is have set a date of may fifth for their middleweight world title rematch last september's bout between the pair ended in a controversial draw goal of ken from kazakhstan as unbeaten in thirty eight fights and will be putting three of his titles on the line that as a mexico is lost just once in his career. it's one of the greatest sports shows on earth the super bowl takes place in minnesota on sunday like every year the hype
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surrounding america's football finale is high with both the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles and town fans and media are gearing up for an unforgettable showdown. as the reigning super bowl champions the new england patriots certainly know how to make an entrance this group of players led by star quarterback tom brady and the favorites to retain their crown on sunday the five in slim body trophies emblazoned on the plains telling a sign of that statue. after the arrival it was time for some hype for the media even if brady was trying to keep things grounded. still be. brady's going for his sixth super bowl title but has an injury to contend with his throwing hand still heavily bandaged in practice i know you've been rehabbing the head so i got itself into that don't we now that just left my left ready at the
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we're not ready yet already yeah. in contrast brady's opposite number nick foles has never played a superbowl he wasn't even meant to be here at the eagles first choice quarterback cost and wentz is injured. or really just enjoying the moment i'm grateful for the moment the future can take care of itself because right now we've got a lot going on and i've got a response to it i can't wait. and he's not the only one. the super bowl is more than just a football game with as many traditions and side shows that even set up a zip line over the freezing mississippi river. but i'm like these thrill seekers only one team will be riding high come sunday night. david beckham has launched a major league soccer team in miami the announcement was made at a ceremony in the city on monday the new team has yet to be named a back when he played for the l.a.
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galaxy the former england captain had an option in his contract to buy an expansion franchise in two thousand and fourteen now it's finally become reality back and is the first former player to own a t.v. in the league. ten meters tall took ten days to build and earn the name big frozen we're talking about romania's biggest ever snow man of course teenagers and bunch of village built the record snowman with snow they'd cleared from local roads big frozen has become a huge hit with the locals and by the look of it it has really melted some hearts. you're watching the news still to come capping cashless payments how china is trying to regain the upper hand over pain with a smartphone. that story more coming up with ben in just a minute. my
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